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Happenstance by Jamie McGuire excerpt and GIVEAWAY!!!!

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We are thrilled to share the gorgeous cover and a teaser
for Happenstance by New York Times, USA Today, and
Wall Street Journal bestselling author Jamie McGuire! We’d love to know what
you think, so please be sure to comment below AND don’t forget to check out the
amazing giveaway!
Title: Happenstance
Author: Jamie McGuire
Publisher: Jamie McGuire LLC (May 9, 2014)
Print Length: 100 pages
#1 New York Times Bestseller Jamie McGuire returns to self-publishing with this
page-turning YA account of Erin Easter, one of three Erins in the small senior class of
rural Blackwell High School who not only share a first name, but also their birthday. Erin
Easter, raised by a neglectful single mom, keeps to herself and admires Weston Gates
from afar. The other Erins, Erin A. and Erin M. are the darlings of the community:
daughters of the two wealthiest families in town, best friends, cheerleaders, and
everything Erin Easter isn’t–and they never let her forget it. Erin A. has even claimed
Weston since the 8th grade.
Weston is a well-liked star athlete, and the son of two prominent attorneys. He struggles
daily with the pressures of living up to his family name and secretly empathizes with Erin
Easter’s feeling that she belongs somewhere else; in a different life. Not until he begins
sneaking nights out with Erin does he gain the courage to buck expectations and
acknowledge his feelings … both for his future, and for her.
But when a shocking tragedy rocks the tiny town, Erin’s life is turned upside down in the
best way possible. But when the truth is revealed and everything Erin thinks she wanted
falls into her lap, life only becomes more complicated.


“What are you reading?” A deep voice asked from the seat behind me.

I barely acknowledged Weston’s question, holding the cover of my book just high
enough for him to see.
He nodded, waiting for me to speak. When I didn’t, he offered a small smile, and began
to sit back. “What are you reading?” I asked.
Weston immediately leaned toward me, sharing his cover the way I had.
“Piers Anthony?” Weston cleared his throat to stifle a cough, and then smiled. “I like his
I nodded. “I approve.”
“Good,” Weston whispered. “I was worried.” After a short pause, he leaned into my ear
again. “Why don’t you ever talk to me in Art class?”
We had Art together in seventh period, the class I looked forward to all day. Weston was
in there, but more importantly, people like the Erins and Brady weren’t. We were serious
about our work, and it was the one place during the school day that I could be
“I guess I was just busy.”
“Are you going to be busy today?”
“Well, maybe I’ll get lucky and you’ll take a break.” I turned around to hide my grin, but
not before glancing back and seeing the familiar look of hatred in Alder’s
Whore, she mouthed, glaring at me.
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About the Author:

New York Times best selling author Jamie McGuire has penned the Providence series
and contemporary romance Beautiful Disaster. She lives in Oklahoma with her husband
and three children. She is an RT(R), a graduate of Autry and Oklahoma Northern
College, and a full time writer.


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Review: Hunted by Sophie Davis-Talented #3

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Review: Hunted by Sophie Davis-Talented #3Hunted on December 2012
In need of a distraction from her best friend's betrayal, Talia jumps at the chance to pack up and head to Washington, D.C., to have a purpose once again. She is tasked with administering the annual Talent Aptitude Tests, analyzing the children of the nation’s capital to identify those with powers. She knows that the Mandatory testing laws are controversial, but is still shocked by the protesters lining the streets of the city, and the curfew imposed upon its residents. These add fuel to her own misgivings about the Agency and its Director, the man who raised her.

As if Talia doesn’t have enough on her plate with that, the Director assigns her a task that will expose his dirtiest secrets. She soon learns that it isn't the children who are tested she needs to be concerned about; it's the ones who aren't. And when she encounters a face from her past, Talia must confront her toughest decision yet. Following her heart will put Talia and those closest to her in mortal danger. But the consequences of doing nothing are inconceivable.

The one bright spot in Talia’s new assignment is having her boyfriend, Erik, by her side. Because not only is Erik a source of comfort, but he is also as determined as she is to uncover the secrets behind the mysterious illness still plaguing her. Day after day, Talia never knows when she might be overcome by one of her unexplained seizures; she must pierce the veils of secrecy covering their origin, before someone decides she knows too much.

Life altering choices will be made. Loyalties will be tested. When the war begins, which side will Talia choose?

Hunted is book three in the Talented series, if you have not read the others STOP reading now!

Hunted begins only weeks after Caged ended and let me tell you, I was completely taken off guard by the end of Caged.  I didn’t see Penny’s betrayal coming at all.   But as much I was surprised, I don’t think everything is what it seems in Talia’s world.  Talia feels a big sense of loss through Penny’s betrayal and questions Penny’s intentions.  I definitely sided with Talia on this topic.  While everyone called Penny a traitor, I found myself thinking maybe Penny is from the right side.

There is a lot of questions answered in Hunted but I still was left questioning which side was doing the right thing?   Even at book three, I am totally sure who is the right side.  Through book 1 and book 2, I was wondering when Talia would join the good guys and take down the “government.”  Isn’t this the way that most dystopian series go?  However, it never happened.  But Book 3 does answer some of the other questions for me.

Let me just say I still hate Donovan, just hate that guy.  His bad choices like giving Talia his blood and the cheating develop into big plot twists in this book and it made me hate him even more.

This book is just as addicting as the rest and it makes me hungry for the next.

Created (Talented Saga, #4)



Apr 15

Review: Taken by Erin Bowman

4 Stars, Adventure, Dystopia, Review, Reviewed by Brittany, YA, Young Adult 0 ★★★★

Review: Taken by Erin BowmanTaken Genres: Adventure, Dystopian, YA, Young Adult
on April 16th, 2013
There are no men in Claysoot. There are boys—but every one of them vanishes at midnight on his eighteenth birthday. The ground shakes, the wind howls, a blinding light descends…and he’s gone.

They call it the Heist.

Gray Weathersby’s eighteenth birthday is mere months away, and he’s prepared to meet his fate–until he finds a strange note from his mother and starts to question everything he’s been raised to accept: the Council leaders and their obvious secrets. The Heist itself. And what lies beyond the Wall that surrounds Claysoot–a structure that no one can cross and survive.

Climbing the Wall is suicide, but what comes after the Heist could be worse. Should he sit back and wait to be taken–or risk everything on the hope of the other side?

Taken is a great addition to all those dytopian tales out there.  It has kind of a Forest of Hands of Teeth sans zombies feel, a society that is operating within a walled city.  No one knows what is beyond the wall except that all people who attempt to escape over the wall are found dead right next to the wall.

The Heist is a really interesting idea because it forces an extremely old and traditional way of life.  Children are forced to take on large responsibilities and are forced to reproduce very early because all males are taken at the age of 18.  The first portion of the book revolves around the impending Heist for Gray’s older brother.  To everybody but Gray, the Heist is just a part of life.  Shortly after he loses his brother, Gray finds a letter from his mother.  This letter prompts Gray to consider the unthinkable, climb the wall.

Taken had a lot of potential in my mind but fell short in some places.  It took a long time to reveal what was really happening and it took the prescribed dystopian route.   I have to admit that I am getting a little worn out of dystopian novels.  I just really hate all the deception that you find in those types of societies and Taken is no exception.  But it is good enough to read the second book because I found myself invested in the characters.

I think this book could really appeal to young adult males.   Romance isn’t at the forefront and there is a lot of adventure.





Apr 14

Review: Courting Chaos (Blind Barriers Serials #2) by Sophie Davis plus Giveaway!!!!

5 Stars, Giveaway, Review, Reviewed by Brittany 1 ★★★★★

Review: Courting Chaos (Blind Barriers Serials #2) by Sophie Davis plus Giveaway!!!!Courting Chaos Format: eBook
on July 2013
Raven Ferragamo is starting a new life. Taking a year off after high school, she moves to Washington, D.C., leaving her childhood friends, her family, and her problems behind. The clean break with her past starts off better than she dreamed when a hunky neighbor offers to be her D.C. tour guide. For the first time in her short life, Raven really feels as though anything is possible.

Lark Kingsley had the perfect family, the perfect future, the perfect life. Born and raised in affluent New York society, she was bred for success. Until one day things go terribly wrong, and Lark vanishes in to thin air.

Seemingly coming from different worlds, the two have more in common than either could ever imagine.

What happened to Lark, and why is she desperately pleading with Raven to find out?

If you haven’t read book one, check out my review here:  Blind Barriers

Courting Chaos is the second in the Blind Barriers Serials and it is just as addictive as the first.  Sophie Davis is a mastermind of suspense and mystery.  Just like the first book, the story is still a bit confusing but it is crafted in a way that just makes you keep reading.  Lark has left Raven a trail to solve this mystery of her disappearance.  The trail is a little bit clearer in book two but just as soon as you “think” you figure something out, bam the bread crumb trail goes a whole different direction.

The books are novellas so they are real short, you could easily read them in one sitting!  The second book is a dual POV between Lark and Raven and they are written together seamlessly.  Lark’s POV takes you through a few nights of her lavish life style pre-disappearance and Raven’s story follows the unraveling of the journal’s mystery.

If you haven’t started this series book one is free:


Barnes and Noble


Fragile Facade (The Blind Barriers Serials, #3)


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Review: Ask Me by Kimberly Pauling

Review, Reviewed by Michelle, Uncategorized 1 ★★★★½

Review: Ask Me by Kimberly PaulingAsk Me by Kimberly Pauley
Pages: 304
Format: ARC
Published by Soho Press on April 8th, 2014

I received this book for free from in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Ask Aria Morse anything, and she must answer with the truth. Yet she rarely understands the cryptic words she‘s compelled to utter. Blessed—or cursed—with the power of an Oracle who cannot decipher her own predictions, she does her best to avoid anyone and everyone. 
But Aria can no longer hide when Jade, one of the few girls at school who ever showed her any kindness, disappears. Any time Aria overhears a question about Jade, she inadvertently reveals something new, a clue or hint as to why Jade vanished. But like stray pieces from different puzzles, her words never present a clear picture.
Then there’s Alex, damaged and dangerous, but the first person other than Jade to stand up for her. And Will, who offers a bond that seems impossible for a girl who’s always been alone. Both were involved with Jade. Aria may be the only one who can find out what happened, but the closer she gets to solving the crime, the more she becomes a target. Not everyone wants the truth to come out.
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I could not get enough of this book. Usually I am not really a murder mystery fan.. but throw in some kind of supernatural element and you will have my attention!

Ask Me was Rich and interesting, complex and fun at moments. I kept wondering WHAT was she going to be asked next. What would her answers be? The Greek Mythology aspect of this tour was what initially pulled me in, and totally won me over. Aria doesn’t have her oracle skills packaged up and tied with a pretty bow. They are all over the place. Sometimes she responds and sounds fairly normal.. just honest.. other times different oracle voices come out and weird people out giving her a big “freak” sign stamped on her forehead. My favorite was when she went all “sing-songy” or rhymed .. Which of course Aria hated. But I could hear it in my head perfectly and loved it.

“Today is no more special than any other day,” I said, ” and work is work, but this is hardly working I’d say.”

Aria struggles every day just to feel normal.. wearing earbuds and listening to music as often as she can to avoid hearing even whispers of a passing question that she would be forced to ask.

There are so many twists and turns in this story and I couldn’t get enough. Yes.. I will admit… I solved the mystery pretty early on. But the Mystery wasn’t really what kept me invested. I loved Aria and the mythology and the what ifs and all of that interesting stuff lurking beneath the surface and coming to a boil.

There is a small romance, but it’s not really a focal point. So don’t go into it looking for that and don’t steer clear of it for that reason either. I HIGHLY recommend Ask Me and cannot wait to read more from this author!

“Answers, answers soon enough.”



Apr 10

Review: Transcendence Book Two in the Divinity Saga by Susan Reid

4 Stars, Adult, Giveaway, Review, Reviewed by Brittany 0 ★★★★

Review: Transcendence Book Two in the Divinity Saga by Susan ReidTranscendence Format: Paperback
on November 10th, 2013
"I've already died once. For me, dying again-is not an option." Starling Marie Roberts, 3rd tier Divine Warrior. Starling doesn't remember how she died nor does she want to. Thankfully, all personal memories are erased once one becomes a divine warrior. Or are they? As if being late to rise wasn't attention drawing and confusing enough, automatically drawing suspicion in a realm that she had only seen glimpses of in her mortal life, surely didn't help. Quickly befriended by a group of welcoming, fellow warriors was an unexpected relief, but where there are large groups, there are always a few that aren't so enthused about the newcomers. Especially the unique ones who question everything. Being in the spirit realm was a lot to take in. It was both exciting and scary, and even more so...was discovering her essence. As far as being branded, she wouldn't have wished that experience on her worst enemy. Maybe. Though Camael has waited for her, he grows frustrated and impatient as the darkness in him begs to be fed. Camael knows that he and Starling will cross paths again. Realizing that she won't remember him, is the most painful of all. Knowing that she will kill him, is the risk he is willing to take to see her again. It doesn't help that Morning Star has been looking for ways to get even, ever since Cam'ael's battle with Drakael. He blames him for Starlings death. He needed to claim her while she was still mortal, not when she became an immortal force to be reckoned with. However, he still wants her- even more so now than before. A new, deadly demon is roaming the Earth, killing higher level fallen, and Camael is about to become his next target. What is forbidden, creates something that may ultimately bring about the invasion of darkness sooner than expected. What lies in darkness, will always come into the light.

Transcendence is the second book in an extremely well thought out and interesting series.   The first book was extremely long but the second had a much more appropriate length.    This book takes place after Starling has died and has become a divine warrior.  She doesn’t remember anything from her past but Cam’ael remembers everything about her.  That tension alone kept me reading the whole time.

These first two books had tons of expected turns and a pretty intense plot.  I enjoyed book two a bit more than the first. It contained more action and I have really fallen in love with Cam’ael and Starlings “forbidden” relationship.  I usually hate reading about doomed relationships.  I mean a fallen angel in love with a divine warrior?  I am just hoping there is some happy ending possible for those two!   Maybe…..please?

I always enjoy a strong female character that can kick some butt and who doesn’t love an undying forbidden love.  I cant wait to see where the next will go!


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Immortal Sin by Julie Milillo ( Blog Tour )

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Source: Publicist for Blog Tour

I received this book for free from Publicist for Blog Tour in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Immortal Sin #1

Two Worlds.Three Questions.One Girl.

inevitable?What lies beneath the hidden secret?
Can love rise above the

And most importantly, where will her fate lead her?

Amanda Chaste had lived what she considered an average life in New Jersey, looked after and cared for by her grandmother. But when she accidentally meets an enigmatic stranger from out of town, her world is drastically thrown upside down. A hidden secret has been buried in the past and not even Amanda can save herself from her own fate.

Conflicted and tormented within her own flesh, discovering her true identity will prove to be something that will change her life forever.




I really haven’t read very many books with angels and demons in them. So I do not have too much to compare it too. Maybe that’s a good thing. I don’t like when I have read SO MUCH of one type of creature/ character that everything seems like it has done before.

That being said. I really enjoyed Immortal Sin! It started off a bit slow and I was a tad confused at times. But when it hot it’s stride it really hit it’s stride! The world building was really well done and it held my attention and the twists on Angel Lore were very interesting.

The whole.. world being turned upside down idea was handled really well. I mean. Amanda is rightfully confused and you can’t expect someone to hear a thousand new things about themselves and just be like ” oh really? Well ok then.” I liked that she didn’t just take things sitting down.

Secrets come to light and self discoveries are made. I loved watching Amanda really grow into a stronger character. I never fully loved Mitch.. I mean. He’s a Demon, am I really supposed to trust and love him completely? I’ll just keep an eye on him for now I think. ;) I am curious to see where Julie Milillo takes this story.

For fans of Apocalyptic stories, Angels and romance.

Visit the other blogs in the Tour! 

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About The Author

Website  Facebook Twitter

Julie Milillo has and always will be a true Jersey girl from the shore. Acting, singing, writing and drawing were always her hobbies

from the beginning. Julie has always been involved in the arts and loves to express her creative streak in any way she can.

She Graduated from Brookdale Community College with her Associates Degree in Theater and Liberal Arts. Soon after, she discovered her passion for reading an thus fell in love with the paranormal fiction genre. After reading and collecting a number of books, she decided it was time to create her own stories and characters. After having the opportunity to meet one of her favorite authors, she was determined to take writing seriously. Julie Applies her knowledge of acting and character development in creating her stories. Her goal is to simply express the genuine qualities in her stories and the characters she creates in hopes of capturing the hearts of readers who also love this genre.

Julie currently resides in Maryland with her husband and her French Bulldog, Goober. Julie loves dogs, movies, music, and anything fantasy related. In her free time, she loves to bake and perform whenever she can.



Apr 07

Review: Caged by Sophie Davis ( Talented Saga #2 )

Giveaway, Review, Reviewed by Brittany 2 ★★★★★

Review: Caged by Sophie Davis ( Talented Saga #2 )Caged by Sophie Davis
Series: Talented Saga #2
Pages: 390
Format: eBook
After her brush with death at Ian Crane’s compound, Talia Lyons feels like a prisoner, confined in her childhood home. Plagued with seizures- the result of an unidentified drug injected in her neck by Crane’s men- Talia must put her dream of becoming a Hunter on hold. So when Agency Director McDonough asks Talia to go undercover at the School for the Talented, to find the spy who set the trap for her in Nevada, Talia jumps at the opportunity.

Soon she learns that her new-found freedom comes with a price- working with Donavon on a daily basis. As if that isn’t awkward enough, her former teammate, Erik, also shows up at the School. But at least Talia has the unexpected company of her best friend Penny; to not only assist her in uncovering the spy, but also to deal with the complications that the guys create.

As Talia becomes more entrenched in her assignment, she quickly learns the lengths that the Agency and Mac will go in the name of war. With Crane’s influence spreading, Talia learns that there are few Operatives without ties to the Coalition. Forced to face hard truths and dangerous conclusions, Talia realizes that it is those closest to her who are hiding the biggest secrets. As the task of finding the traitor becomes more problematic, desperation and frustration rule Talia’s world. It becomes clear that Talia can’t do this alone. But who can she trust, when everyone around her is lying?
Buy the book on AmazonBuy the book at Barnes & Noble

Caged is a perfect second book to an exciting series.  Talia wakes up after the dangerous but yet intriguing confrontation with Crane.  Unfortunately, Talia did not come out of the meeting unscathed; Crane injected her with a mysterious liquid.  Now, due to this Talia has been taken off the main lines and asked to uncover the spy at the School for the Talented.  As much as I hate Donavon, he is around a lot in this book and sometimes seems to be somewhat helpful.  However, he made me hate him even more in this book because he expected to be let off the hook so easily!  But for whatever reason, I think Donavon might prove a bit useful or helpful in the future.

Erik is in the picture for a small part of the book but I have hopes for him being a bigger picture in the future books!  Most of the book is devoted to finding the spy and I was extremely surprised of who it was, I didn’t see it coming.  Even after the things that Crane said to Talia and Erik’s note, I am very surprised that Talia hasn’t been questioning the Agency more.  I am not sure if this will take the turn like most dystopians do where the Agency is the bad cop and the Coalition is the good cop but I am excited to see where these books go!

As always the first book in the series is free so go grab it, if you haven’t already!  

Reviewed By Brittany


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Runaway Release Day !

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Purchase on Amazon

At seventeen years old, Courtney Apuzzo is fed up. With a dead mom and an alcoholic father that beats her every chance he gets, Courtney decides that enough is enough. Packing up only what she needs, Courtney leaves home without telling a soul and heads off to find her new life.

Life on her own is not exactly as she thought it would be. With nowhere to stay, Courtney finds herself sleeping on an old stoop in an abandoned apartment alleyway. A chance meeting with a new group of friends seems like a great beginning to her second chance at a real life. But everything is not as it seems.

Tricked into a life she never wanted and fears, Courtney needs to run away, again. She needs to find a way out of this new and dangerous life. With the help from a man she barely knows, will Courtney find her way out? Or will she find herself on the run from a dangerous past, and a hopeless future? Faced with a choice that will change her life forever.





About the Author

Website   Facebook   Twitter

   While growing up, S.M. would travel the roads around her house while       imagining she was somewhere else. Her imagination would take her everywhere, making the long hot summer days seem shorter throughout her fantasies.

At the age of twelve, she decided to write her first book. Filled mostly with dialog, she filled up one-hundred pages, front and back. After taking the book downstairs to show her mom, and persuading her to buy her more paper, she excitedly ran back to her room. As she barreled through the door, S.M. tripped over items left on her floor, and her papers came raining down in her room. Discouraged, she stood there in tears, picking up her papers and throwing them in the trash. Her work had no organization, no numbers on her pages, just a child fulfilling a joy that she would put down and not pick up again.

When she became older, she joined the military for something different. In that time, she was able to explore many places and even met her husband in Iraq. After coming home, she started her family in Arizona and went back to school, earning a Master’s degree in Adult Education and Training.


Mar 31

Review: Edge of Shadows (Shadows #1) by Cege Smith with Giveaway!

4.5 Stars, New Adult, Review, Reviewed by Brittany 0 ★★★★½

Review: Edge of Shadows (Shadows #1) by Cege Smith with Giveaway!Edge of Shadows Format: Paperback
Genres: New Adult, Paranormal
on November 2011
"Beware what lurks in the darkness of Cege Smith's paranormal Shadows series..." Darkness has been Ellie Coulter's constant companion since her parents' untimely death when she was eight, and she harbors a secret that never fails to remind her that she's different than everyone else. Fresh off a failed marriage with a man who harbored his own dark secrets, Ellie shut herself off from the world as a form of self-preservation. For months, Ellie's protective bubble includes nothing but her coffee shop, her few friends, and her dog. The attention of a handsome young doctor, David Mitchell, pushes her out of her comfort zone, and Ellie warms to the idea that she may have found a risk worth taking. Then one of Ellie's friends abruptly leaves town; entrusting her home to Ellie's care. The house has its own mysterious past that draws Ellie into a tangled web of deceit. Her ex-husband resurfaces with premonitions of Ellie's death. And suddenly Ellie's life is being turned upside down yet again. Something old and evil has found Ellie, and wants to keep her all to itself

This book was given to me by the author but it did not affect the review in anyway*

This is one extremely surprising read and I loved it even more because it was set in Minnesota!  I love knowing the area/setting in books, it adds a reality factor that I don’t usually get from other books!

Ellie is a character that you can’t help but feel bad for and I worried about her a lot.  She is in a very bad situation because of a  messy divorce and a somewhat scary ex-husband.  The beginning creeped me out a ton because it just jumps in at the end of Ellie’s messy divorce.  I had no idea what was going on but I just knew it was bad.  The paranormal aspect of the book kept me guessing in the beginning and their was a major plot twist at the end!  The beginning portion of the book is a bit slow moving but it really picks up in the end, and you wouldn’t be able to put it down!   Ellie, of course, meets a new guy who is extremely intriguing.  Rightfully so, she is a bit guarded but over the course of the book starts to unwind a bit and let David in to her life.

The only thing I despised was how nice and forgiving Ellie was to her ex husband Jake.  After all the creepy things and the cheating that Jake has done to Ellie, I feel that he deserved to not be treated so well.  However, it helps to show how kind but yet fragile Ellie is as a character in the beginning.

I can’t wait to read the next book in the series!

The first book is currently free on AMAZON and Barnes and Noble.  



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